Expediate Group is an exceptional team of seasoned Management, Finance and Legal experts that have been immersed in the TNFD work driven by the implications of sustainability transformation in the UK and Europe.

Our clients and partners trust us with their most important commercial issues, and value our experienced, tactical and strategic approach to implementing compliance-driven business transformation — to achieve the required compliance and effect a cultural shift for the organisation.



Justin Wibrow is a management consultant and commercial lawyer with extensive experience in advising governance best practice in both the public sector and to corporates. Holding a number of board roles, Justin is a fellow of the Governance Institute of Australia and an active Rotarian with a focus on environment and society community projects.

Teri Whiting draws on her extensive experience as an internationally recognised CIO and senior operational executive in large private and government organisations as a C-suite counsellor. Leading ESG innovation in environmentally ethical governance with the imperative of organisations developing a resilient and principled foundation to thrive in this increasingly dynamic global economic climate.

David Hart is an accomplished executive director, management consultant and program director with extensive experience in the Private and Public Sectors (Federal and State). David has a proven track record in harnessing his extensive business transformation and program assurance expertise to assist organisations by bringing together people, technology and processes to achieve business goals.

Duncan Kinnaird is an experienced operations and transformation specialist with extensive program and project management, governance, and compliance skills. A partner of a successful technology-led business transformation consulting practice, Duncan combines this experience and skillset with over 3 years of ESG related product development to contribute to the Expediate product offering.